Volvo Trucks has completed the test work of the electrified versions of the Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX trucks, which it launched in Europe for the first time in 2021. The gross combined weight of the trucks will reach 44 tons and the range will approach 300 km depending on the battery configuration. The electric trucks, whose sales started in Europe in 2021, are expected to start mass production in 2022.
According to Eurostat 2018 Road Freight Forwarding by Distance statistics, 45 percent of all goods transported by road in Europe travel less than 300 km. Therefore, they have higher load capacities, stronger driving characteristics and up to 300 km. The product portfolio of Volvo electric trucks, with its new trucks with a wide range, will today cover approximately 45 percent of European road transport.
  Thus, it will contribute to the reduction of the climate impact caused by road transport, which, according to official statistics, accounts for approximately 6 percent of total CO2 emissions in the EU.
Volvo Trucks aims to have fossil fuel-free trucks in its product range by 2040. With its 6 different electric models in medium and heavy transportation, the company will offer the most suitable solution for the needs of its customers in urban and intercity transportation. 
Roger Alm, World President of Volvo Trucks, said: “We are determined to lead the industry to ensure a sustainable future. To this end, we contribute to our customers’ sustainability goals by rapidly increasing the number of heavy-duty electric trucks we offer in our Volvo Trucks product range. Reducing the effects of transportation on the climate requires switching from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. However, there are many variables such as country and market incentives and the creation of the charging infrastructure for this change to take place. For this reason, companies can have mixed fleets using different fuels. As Volvo Trucks, we offer all our models in versions that can be used with different fuels, in order to meet these needs in many markets. While doing this, we continue to offer the same high quality and performance in all our truck and tractor models without compromising on issues such as the driver’s cabin and safety. While developing fossil fuel-free solutions for a more sustainable transportation, we offer holistic solutions from route planning to financial support in order to increase the profitability and efficiency of our customers. The long-term security we provide to our customers with our global dealer network is now more important than ever.”,
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prepared : Ezgi Altunkaya